THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN SELLING :

  • Mow the grass & tidy the yard
  • Fix up the fence & front entry point
  • A lick of paint can do wonders!  Freshen up with a coat of paint if things are looking a little tired e.g. front door, gutters
  • Do a trip to the dump to remove ALL rubbish including old tyres and unsightly items

  • Tidy up
  • Great excuse to have a Spring Clean
  • Give the windows a clean
  • Tidy inside drawers, cupboards and wardrobes – Yes! People will open them and take a look!
  • Bring the bin in

Remove all offensive odours from your home before inspections, things like :
  • Cigarette smoke/Ash-trays 
  • Pet odours & pet waste
  • Empty bins
  • Deodorise toilets *Any real estate agent will tell you they have come across this from time to time...

  • Try to create a nice atmosphere for your potential buyers on the day
  • Open the windows for some fresh air, or, if it’s cold and you have a fire, put it on
  • Open the curtains and blinds to let light in
  • Turn on some lamps, lights or scented candles 
  • Turn the T.V off
  • Fresh flowers

  • Try not to be present for the first inspection and vacate the property if possible
  • The buyers are there to look at your property, not to get aquainted with yourself or family members
  • Let your agent do their job.  Remember they are working for you

  • We know you love your pets! Unfortuantely, others may feel differently or even have allergies to cats and dogs.
  • Please remove your pet or take them for a walk during inspections if possible.

  • A good Solicitor is a must during this process!
  • If you don’t already have a solicitor, start sourcing one 
  • Remember communication is key and keeping in touch with your Solicitor throughout the whole settlement process is extremely important!
  • Keep them up to date with any developments or questions or any concerns you may have

  • If all goes well, you will be moving soon! Shop around and book a removalist if you are not moving yourself, and keep in mind the settlement date

  • It is a requirement that your property is to be handed over at settlement in a clean and tidy state and this means to the standard of a “Bond Clean”. 
  • Pre-settlement inspections are now a normal practice and issues like cleaning can impact settlement, causing delays & stress 

Try to RELAX! This can be an emotional & stressful time for all parties. 
Let your Real Estate Agent do their work, and keep in contact with your Solicitor.
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us .